Friday, July 29, 2011

Mark 16:18

Signs and Wonders of Snake Handling – What Skeptics and Atheists Can Never Grasp

In the lush hills of Appalachia, small community churches beckon visitors to come worship. The weathered signs near the entrance show no indication of the slithery liturgy. Few signs will welcome all to “Come worship with us!”

From Pennsylvania to Georgia, in the Southeastern Appalachian Mountains, serpent handling remains a steadfast form of Sunday worship and praise. Only six states deem serpent handling a legal form of religious tradition. The practice came into fashion during the early part of the 1900’s and shows little sign of falling out of vogue with the sect. Although most churches are family affairs and seem to be unsuccessful and uninterested in a robust program of evangelism in the US, the practice abides. Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ohio- as well as some provinces of Canada – recognize and allow the use of venomous serpents in religious services.

The true believer isn’t so concerned with skeptics or those that see the practice as usurping the Baptism. They concern themselves with the scripture and God’s judgment.

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