Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Store: We Love Matt

Gospel Messenger Loves Matt Too

We don't know about everybody, but he does seem to have alot of people in his corner. The website's not online, but we've got the t-shirts in the GM store.

Beware the Ties That Bind

Those old order folks had it right all along. It seems that there's more to the concept of plain dress than simple living and non-conformity. The medical community has recently determined that neckties, a no-no for the plain-dressed among us, can be a risk factor for a major cause of blindness. But we've had it backwards. It seems that seeing clearly does not lead you to go sans-tie. Instead, it's the worldly garb that can prevent the seekers' vision. We wonder what's next.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Conference Wrapup

The official Conference wrapup is online, and the Dunker Journal has given it's review of the worship music along with some highlights. Now the Gospel Messenger will jump on the band wagon with our annual review. Readers of our print versions in past years are familiar with our tradition of providing a sermon analysis of the worships at Annual Conference. The attached chart shows the relatively accurate counts in the various sermons of the occurance of "Jesus", "Jesus Christ", "Christ", and "Christ Jesus". What better way to rate a Conference then hard, cold statistics.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Give Me a Child Until He Is 7, and I Will Show You The Man

Bob Gross, Co-Executive Director, MoR Coordinator will be leading a workshop at the 7th Annual Piecemakers Congress. He will be sharing his secrets ways of persuasion. We are sure that this will be an interesting talk, as Bob is known to be a straight shooter.

We wonder if he will be participating in the traditional action/public witness where people attending the conference ask the local Toy R Us to stop selling violent toys.

Bob has a gun!

Friday, July 04, 2003


What weapons of mass destruction? Click here for more details (the link's not broken; look closely).