Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Holy Kiss

Bethany Celebrations

Celebrations are being planned at Bethany Theological Seminary in order to both honor retiring president Gene Roop and to ring in the seminary's new logo and identity. The Bethany board officially unveiled the new logo at its recent meetings. This is the first design change since 1963, when the previous logo was created to mark the seminary’s move to its former Oak Brook (Ill.) location.

Along with remembering the highlights of Roop's career, the celebrations will also include performances by the Christian tribute band, "The Rolling Stones (away from the tomb)," along with the premiere of the independent film "The Relocation Horror Picture Show."

President Roop describes the new logo as evocative. “It has features that are clear and confessional and others less tangible, inviting imagination and wonder. It serves as an invitation to join our community, which features both of those dimensions.”

“Consistent with Bethany’s mission to educate witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the cross is prominent at the center of the logo, arising from baptismal waters and rehearsed in the practice of foot washing, both important worship practices in the Church of the Brethren,” said a release from the seminary. “The bottom perimeter of the symbol suggests lips and water. The lips represents the holy kiss. At the bottom of the waters is a fish, the symbol early Christians used to express their commitment to Jesus Christ, the son of God. Atop the waters is a form which lends itself to several symbolic possibilities. As a book, it denotes both Bethany’s biblical foundation and striving for academic excellence. As a dove, the lines lift up both the dove of divine presence at baptism and the dove of peace, representing one of the living testimonies of the Church of the Brethren.”

Monday, March 27, 2006

whiny children

Childcare Options

Childcare will have a new look in Des Moines this year as Annual Conference is gearing up to try something new. With the growing chasm between conservative and progressive Brethren, two childcare options will be offered. Families who pre-register for childcare will receive a survey which will determine into which program the children will be placed. Recent studies have shown that young children show tendencies which are predictive as to what politics will attract them as they mature. With this program, it is hoped that both conservative and progressive children will receive the nurturing that they seek.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Report From The Stewardship of Properties Committee

Elgin Operations to Shut Down

Notice is being sent out to Church of the Brethren members that day to day operations at the Elgin Headquarters will be halting until further notice. Now that the report from the Stewardship of Properties Committee has been published Elgin staff will be busy unpacking now that their expected move has been cancelled. Once everything is back in place, operations will commence.

Members should also be aware that New Windsor is also non-functional for the time being now that they find that change is not in the offing. Eastern staff are conducting an unpacking of their own.

In related news items, BVSers are poised for an intense dumpster diving effort once it is revealed exactly what assets the General Board will be disposing. And cheating buzzword bingo players everywhere are feeling foolish now that "relocation" never came up.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bingo 2006 March

Buzzword Bingo

Bored of Board meetings? Take along Buzzword Bingo.

This time, there's an ethical dilemma involved. Do you take the bingo card that you're initially presented? Or do you click Reload until you get a card that includes the word "relocation"?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tempest in a Teacup

Just The Facts

A bit of a tempest in a teacup was brewed when the Dunker Journal posted an allegedly deceptive post about a conference at Manchester. While trusting and unwary surfers may have been misled, the DJ blogger has assured everyone that nothing has been posted but the facts; and perhaps the item was of interest to that blog's readers.

And a wide range of interests it is that the DJ blog caters to. The Lord only knows why DJ surfers are interested in the goings on of the Communist Party of Thailand. But discerning surfers were able to follow the provided links.

Much can be said about what is not said. Then again, another Dunker blogger points out that if it could have been said, then indeed, it was.

You must discern.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dunker INH Beam

Little Man Comes Up Big in Dunking Contest

While Americans across the country were watching the Winter Olympics or American Idol, many Brethren chose not to conform. Instead, they were tuning in to a different contest. Proving himself to be not just a dunker but, indeed, one of the best, Brother Beahm took home the title during the recent NBA All-Star Festivities.