Friday, October 17, 2003

General Board Buzzword Bingo

Just in time for General Board Meetings... Click here to get your Brethren buzzword bingo card.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Workcamp Assistant Sought

Because there are so many workcamps in the summer and only two BVSers to coordinate them, they are going to need some help. One assistant workcamp coordinator will be hired. They will spend a few weeks in Elgin helping to prepare for workcamps, and then travel to eight different workcamps all around the country.

You might be wondering what exactly this job entails. As Chris Douglas will tell you, "The job of the coordinators is to make it work. The job of the assistants is to help make it work." As an assistant workcamp coordinator, you could find yourself supervising a group of youth at a work project, providing support and encouragement to a workcamper who is going through a difficult time, grocery shopping, eating 2000 calories of Snickers, leading devotions, spending an evening in a hospital with a workcamper who broke her arm, or providing support and encouragement to an exhausted workcamp coordinator.

For more information on the roles and benefits of being a workcamp assistant as well as if you have any questions contact the Youth and Young Adult Office at or 800-323-8039

Economical Environmentalism

The Brethren Washington Office of Witness (WOW) has implemented the use of a revolutionary recycling technology. To witness the process for your self, load the paper of your choice into your printer and print page 4 of the latest Witness to Washington. You will readily notice that your paper has instantly become 20% post-consumer waste. Trees offer you their thanks. Please note that this item has been posted using soy based pixels.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Devil Made Me Do It

After the flash on his camera malfunctioned, what did Satan get back from the drugstore?